Industrial Coatings

RHINOX Epoxy 1400


Product Specification Sheet

 Solution formula, modified amine cured epoxy

Description: Two component , solvent based epoxy system. Chemical resistance is unsurpassed for solvent based epoxies. Adhesion to a variety of substrate materials is excellent and it will bond to itself even after years of exposure. It provide an attractive appearance and has great toughness and excellent resistance to impact and wear. withstands high and low temperatures.

Usage: For long range protection of surfaces, structures and vessels that are exposed to severe corrosion, weather or wear; as a tank lining for water, sewage, crude petroleum products, jet fuels, brine and many chemicals; as a maintenance coating for interior and exterior surfaces; as a wear resistant deck coating, particular in areas susceptible to splash or spills of corrosive materials.

Mixing A: Mix ratio by two parts A (resin) to one part B (catalyst)

Instructions: B: Use separate container for mixing.

1. Pre-mix part A and pour into mixing container.

2. Add part B.

3. Mix for four minutes with drill blade mixer at 500 rpm.

4. Let stand (dwell time) for 30-35 minutes before use.


Application: Unfilled Product can be applied by brush, roller or sprayed. Coverage 250’ to 350’ per gal.

For deck coatings, 1 to 5 parts of dry clean aggregate may be added.

Characteristics: Pot life – 4 hours at 72 degrees F. May be extended by adding RT-130 – no more than 25%.

Shelf life – I year.

Clean up –RT-125 or RT-130 ImageSol thinner.

Recoat time – 2 or more hours at 77F. (When all solvents have flashed off previous coat.)

Dry Time – tact free 12 to 14 hours at 70 degrees F.

Cure Time – light traffic 24 hours at 77 degrees. Maximum chemical resistance – 1 week.

Reducer – RT-130.

Ambient temperature prior to mixing 65F to 75F. Surfaces above 60F.

Caution: Keep away from children. Do not take internally. If taken, contact physician. When spraying a protective mask should be worn to avoid inhaling. In the event of eye contact, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.



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