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Specification Sheet

Line Painter Traffic Marker Acrylic

1110White , 1120Yellow, 1130Red, 1140Blue, 1150Green

Description: A premium quality 100% Acrylic Line and Curb Marking Paint having high visibility and easy application characteristics and incorporation the finest raw materials. The pigments are non-fading and the Titanium Dioxide is non-caulking. This coating will withstand hot sun, sub-zero temperature, wind-blown dust particles, humidity and moisture.

Usage: This product has been designed for painting concrete, brick, city crosswalks, highway edge lines, bridges, stop zones, storage area, traffic signs, streets and parking lots.

Preparation: Apply in good weather when air and surface temperature are above 50 F. Surface to be painted should be clean and dry. All loose paint, grease, oil, dirt or other foreign matter should be removed prior to painting.

Application: Stir contents thoroughly. Paint during dry weather.

Characteristics: Pot life 2 hours at 70 degrees F.

Shelf life I year.

Clean up Soap and water

Dry time 60 to 75 minutes at 77 F., 50% humidity.

Weight per gallon 12.8 pounds

Percent solids by weight 68%

Percent pigment by weight 51%

Flash point none over 200 F

VOC/liter Excluding water 39.36 grams

Viscosity: 75 to 80 KU at 77 F.

Caution: Keep away from children. Do not take internally. If taken, contact physician.  When spraying a protective mask should be worn to avoid inhaling. In the event of eye contact,  flush eyes with water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention. Non-flammable




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