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Industrial Coatings

Partial Product List

Hydra-SealA penetrating sealer for concrete slab to reduce moisture created by hydrostatic water pressure. 

Urethane Urethane – For service departments, clean rooms, anti-graffiti of walls, sterile rooms in food storage.

Epoxy – # 8090i2 for filling and repairing of concrete cracks, chips, sprawls, resurfacing uneven floors.

Epoxy – #1100urethane modified epoxy.

Epoxy – #1200 ideal for priming concrete, steel, or wood.

Epoxy – #VL104thin coat resurfacer and base coat for urethane top coats.

Thinner/Reducer – #Rt130 slow dry formula.

Reducer– #RT125 – fast dry formula.

Acrylic Concrete Sealer - ST1040i2 - Acrylic Concrete Sealer - ST1040i2 - A clear coat sealer for write up drives, patios, service departments, garages.

Elastomeric Water ProofingFor roofs – metal or wood. Maximum strength weather proofing and ideal weather insulator. Lower cost.

Rust-Trapperto eliminate rust and to prime metal surfaces prior to coating.

Flow-Ease Fisheye Remover -A single component, additive for polyurethane's, epoxies, acrylics, lacquers or for any coating where unwanted bubbling or fish eyes occur. Flow-Ease, the best fish eye remover available.

Tri-Mix Concrete Ad-Mix 600 - A modified, styrene-butadiene copolymer, concrete additive designed to provide high performance concrete, grout and/ or mortar mixes.

Auto-plate Porcelain-Like Clear Coat- A two component, aliphatic polyurethane coating formulated as a clear coat for automotive finishes.

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