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How Hydra-Seal Works.

HYDRA-SEALUsED For sealing the pores in concrete against ground moisture penetration. Can be used as a finish coat or as a pre-sealant prior to coating with epoxy or urethane. 
     1. Remove all dirt, dust, and debris from floor. Use broom, vacuum, blower, or  any combination thereof.
     2. Scrub floor removing all oils, grease, and any other contaminants from surface. Use detergent and degreaser as necessary. Use clean water and rinse thoroughly.
     3. Squeegee all puddles, removing excess water from surface.
     4. Use hydrochloric acid (muratic acid) mixed with equal parts of water, then spray or broom evenly onto floor surface.  Use approximately 1 gallon of mixture per one hundred square feet.
     5. Rinse very well with water, never allowing the acid/water mixture to dry on the floor.  Scrub with a detergent (which completely neutralizes the acid) and wash both off of the floor, again never allowing to dry.
     6. After floor is totally clean and all acid, detergent, and excess water has been removed, you are ready to apply Hydra-seal.
     7. Using a sprayer, fill receptacle with equal parts of water and Hydra-seal. Spray on to the damp floor using about 1 gallon per hundred square feet.  If floor is uneven, a push broom can be used to distribute evenly on floor.
     8.  Allow to dry (approximately 3 hours at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or equivalent).  A second coat is recommended, starting from step seven above.
     9.  The floor is now sealed. 
     10.  Once the floor has dried, an epoxy or urethane coating may be applied.

How Hydra-Seal Works


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