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FAQs about coatings and Image 2000...

Q: Do you have retail outlets in …?

A: Image2000 does not have retail outlets. Our customers are commercial, industrial and contractors. We will however recommend a retail product, if we know your needs, and where to buy this product. We will also give instructions and advice on projects, when we can.

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Q: I want to seal my concrete slab. What do you recommend?

A: It depends on what you mean by “seal”. There are penetrating sealers (HydraSeal) that reduces moisture transfer from top and bottom of slab. These are almost undetectable by sight, just a slight discolorization. Then there are surface sealers (ST1040i2) that prevent chemical and moisture penetration from the top. These leave a slight gloss to floor and make it easier to clean.

Then there are coatings (epoxy VL104 and urethane) that come in all colors, textures and degree of gloss, and will resist most harsh chemicals. These also resist chemical penetration from top down.

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Q: Do you have heat resistant coatings?

A: Yes the are available, but there are many factors affecting the proper coasting. We would have to know your complete situation, i.e.: what you are coating, how hot, what conditions of use, etc.

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Q: Do you have coatings for concrete tables to be use for food stuff?

A: Yes, we have a water based clear acrylic called (tabletop) Because it is water based it is safe for food items use. No solvents to flash off. It dries fast and is easy to use.

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Q: I have some rusty metal equipment and I want to stop the rust without sandblasting, can you help?

A: Yes we have a product called (RustTrapper) that primes rusty metal and converts the rust into a chemical compound that stops the rust dead in its tracts.

You can the use any coating, acceptable for metals, to paint over this and this will eliminate further rusting. It is not suitable for stoves or other hot surfaces, nor is it suitable for aluminum.

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Q: I paint cars and have a problem with fisheyes, and the fisheye remover I’ve been using works, but not very well. Can you help?

A: Yes, we have a product called (Flow-Ease) which, to our knowledge, out performs every other fisheye remover available.


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