Image 2000



Cracks In Your Concrete?

Chips?  Sprawls?

bulletHave your maintenance crew fix them repair them. 
bulletNo special skills needed. 
bulletNo special tools needed.

Image 2000 Concrete Patch Epoxy Formula #880 makes it easy. Instructions included.



Concrete Patch Epoxy 8090-i2 It adheres very well to most surfaces.
Duel component You have to mix two parts.
100% solids It doesn't shrink when curing.
Urethane modified It expands and contracts with concrete.
Sheer strength 3x concrete Drop an engine, the concrete will break first.
Compression strength 3x concrete Superman can't crush it.
Tensile strength 3x concrete You can't pull it apart with a tractor.
Permanent Only Have to Repair Once
Very Easy to use. Almost any healthy person can use it.